Potency and extraordinary healing benefits of Manuka honey

Potency and extraordinary healing benefits of Manuka honey


  1. Linda Johnson says:

    Great post on the benefits of Manuka honey. Very good information, thanks for sharing.

  2. From what I’ve seen and heard about Manuka honey and raw,local honey, I don’t see that the local honey is any less beneficial? Can you please explain why Manuka honey is being toted as so special?

  3. Is this safe to use when your pregnant?

  4. ngozi chukwura says:

    I really want to appreciate U for the good work U are doing, tkz so much, through Ur posts a lot of my people here ,(by the way I am frm Africa) are getting to know the kind of food or fruits to take at certain situations. the problem is some of these fruits cant be found around here for instant this {manuka honey) I have checked for it in the shops but could not find .wat we have here is bees honey, Could U please direct on how to get it .I really need it for my mother heard its also good for arthritis will be glad to have it here ,and also for the family tkz and keep up the good work , ngozi

  5. yes this honey is much better then antibiotics all day long i use the manuka actuve 5 have not found the 16 i give this honey to my 92 year old mother every day for energy and arthritis pain and it work thank you for the real honey GOD food

  6. There are many other benefits of manuka. I tried it on my skin a couple of years ago and the results was fabulous. Now, I am using it for improving my health and preventing many diseases.

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