Garlic: nature’s powerful medicine

Garlic: nature’s powerful medicine

  • Garlic, is a species in the onion genus, Allium. Its close relatives include the onion, shallot, leek, and chive..
  • It  is a staple in Mediterranean cuisine and is widely used around the world for its pungent flavor as a seasoning or condiment.The garlic plant’s bulb is the most commonly used part of the plant.Garlic has long been known as one of nature’s true miracle. It is used in all the possible forms: raw, in cooking, and even in supplement form. Adding garlic to your diet is an essential step you can take to improve your health.
  • Here are some of the many health benefits of garlic:
  • 1. Heart benefits
  •  Garlic helps reduce cardiovascular risks and is known to lower levels of LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol). Garlic helps reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, which is considered one of the main causes of stroke and heart disease. It also helps reduce blood pressure.
  • 2. Cancer fighter
  • The consumption of garlic is linked to the reduction of certain types of cancers, mainly gastric cancer. Garlic has antibacterial properties, protects DNA, and also helps prevent cancer cells from forming or spreading.
  • 3. Immune booster
  •  Garlic is a potent immune system booster. It boosts the immune system by stimulating white blood cell production and making antibodies more efficient.
  • 4. Cold and flu fighter
  •  Garlic is well known and is widely used to treat and prevent colds and flu. A study done in the UK suggests that the participants who took garlic supplements were “less likely to get a cold and recovered faster if infected.”
  • 5. Anti-inflammatory
  • Garlic has anti-inflammatory properties and may reduce the inflammation caused by arthritis.
  • 6. Detoxifier
  • Garlic is an effective detoxifier. It works by stimulating the liver to help eliminate toxins within the body.
  • 7. Allergy fighter
  • The antiviral properties and immune boosting properties of garlic help the body’s resistance to seasonal allergies. It is recommended to eat a fresh clove of garlic daily or take a garlic supplement to prevent allergies.
  • 8. Eye health
  • Garlic’s sulfur content helps the body produce eye-healing antioxidants.
  • 9. Aids with digestion
  •  Garlic is excellent to maintain a healthy and effective digestive system. It gets rid of waste in the body, and helps stimulate digestive fluids.
  • 10. Iron metabolism
  • A recent study shows that the consumption of garlic may help our bodies metabolize iron.
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  1. Another post states “Eat 7 walnuts/day to benefit from all its health benefits”. What are recommended dosages for garlic? i.e One clove provides these benefits: A,B,C. and XXX cloves provide all the benefits.
    * * *
    Garlic bread and garlic on meat/chicken is great, but what if we’re trying to cut back on bread and meat? Where can we find other ideas on how to incorporate garlic in the diet? Chewing on raw garlic cloves is not appealing.

  2. Hi I am using garlic tablets from GNLD

    •Helps retain normal cholesterol and blood pressure levels*
    •Supports healthy circulation and prevents the formation of blood clots*
    •Natural antimicrobial properties*
    •4,200mcg of allicin from pure garlic powder in each serving, with bioactive compounds from onions, chives, and leeks
    •Exclusive targeted delivery technology takes garlic’s active allicin directly to your intestine, eliminating aftertaste and maximizing absorption
    •Special, no-odor formula minimizes garlic breath

  3. I love garlic!!! I discovered its medicinal properties when I was constantly having infections. Now, I try to take 2 cloves daily. U feel so much better when I do:-)

  4. love love love garlic i eat 5/6 raw cloves a day.
    love love love this site, keep up the great work.

  5. What’s the typical dosage? Ive tried a couple different brands, spring valley, garlique, kyolic for the past year or so off and on. And have never had any complaints of “garlic , must” lol even on my sweaty gym days.

  6. Having read about your garlic article which you featured last June 9,I felt that I don’t need to take chemically produced medicines for ailment such as hypertension. My experienced was when my uncle’s face turned red while we were having a happy time talking with each other, my younger sister immediately crashed a garlic button and gave it to him. Few minutes later his blood pressure returned to normal. That amazed me so much and also my uncle , who was about to travel to the middle east the next day decided to carry garlic (not metoprolol tablets) for his hypertension.

  7. Amalia B. Undalok says:

    I appreciate it very much if you can also include the remedy for arthritis. Thank you.

  8. Amalia B. Undalok says:

    Thank you for sharing us about healthful natural foods. its so informative and enlightening. How many days we can take the said dosage? Can we take it as food supplement? Thank you.

    • Hi Amalia,
      You can take the garlic daily. Just try for a few days first. Always talk to your health practitioner if you are taking any medication or if you are changing your diet. Thanks for visiting.

  9. Please continue on sharing us more knowledge about healthful natural foods that will enhance our body system. I appreciate it very much. Regarding garlic, that was so informative.Thank you so much.

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