Grapefruit and tangerine fat buster juice

Grapefruit and tangerine fat buster juice

This grapefruit and tangerine fat buster juice has fat burning and appetite-suppressing properties.

It will not only help you get hydrated, but it will help you flush out toxins, feel full and lose weight fast.

Please remember that any kind of store-bought appetite suppressant can be dangerous and may not necessarily help you with your weight loss goals.

There are so many weight loss recipes out there and it can be very misleading.

A healthy diet, exercise and self-control are key factors to successful weight loss.

This grapefruit and tangerine fat buster juice is packed with fat burning ingredients:


This healthy fruit is a great source of vitamin C and E, which both help to reduce cell damage and improve blood circulation, which can prevent cellulite. Grapefruit juice is one of the best fat-burning foods and a cellulite remover.

It helps metabolize sugar in the blood and reduces fluid retention.


You may not have thought of mint as an appetite suppressant, but it is. Not only will it give the water a refreshing flavor it will stop food cravings too.

Swiss chard:

It is one of our favorite leafy greens. It is very low in calories, with only 7 per cup, and a good source of fiber to make you feel full for longer.


A study from Arizona State University shows that a lack of vitamin C reduces the body’s ability to use fat as fuel, which leads to fat storage in the body. Tangerines are an excellent source of vitamin C and will help the body burn fat.

Process the following ingredients in a blender:

1 pink grapefruit, peeled

6 leaves of swiss chard

1 handful of mint

3 tangerines, peeled

Please make sure you use organic ingredients in this weight loss recipe.


AS ALWAYS: Check with your health practitioner before you change your diet and see if this recipe or any weight loss recipe you wish to try are right for you. This drink is not meant to replace any treatment or drugs you are taking. If you are taking any medication, DO NOT consume grapefruit or its juice as it may interfere with the metabolism of the drugs.


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  1. Thanks you for the recipe. Definitely a good healthy choice!

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