DIY ant repellents

DIY ant repellents

  • As the weather gets warmer, it brings little bugs with it. These are our favorite ant repellents.
  • Ants hate cinnamon, garlic and mint! They have a strong sense of smell.
  1. Place cinnamon sticks and peeled and sliced garlic cloves around window tracks or holes in the house. Replace the cloves every 3 days until ants are gone.
  2. Plant fresh mint around the foundation of the house.


  1. I have found that Lemon in a spray bottle works great in the kitchen for ants. I do not dilute it, spray around my counters or in my cabinets, any place I am having an ant problem and they leave. I don’t have to worry about poisons around my food. I have used spray lemon for about 5 years now and we have gone for being over run and having to clean out cabinets every few weeks to finding one or two every few months. I live in Alabama and every time we get a good rain the ground floods and up come the ants but no longer in my house.

  2. Connie Finkle says:

    I am just wonder about Best Ant repellent what kind of mint??

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