Best natural remedies for treating Rosacea

Best natural remedies for treating Rosacea

Best natural remedies for treating Rosacea:

Rosacea is a “chronic”, inflammatory skin condition that affects the face. Rosacea causes redness on the face as blood vessels dilate. It sometimes produces small and red puss-filled bumps.

We believe that adopting healthy habits and converting to an anti-inflammatory diet can go a long way in treating this skin condition.

According to Right Diagnosis, approximately 1 in 20 Americans suffer from Rosacea, which is roughly 13 million people.

A. Factors that seem to trigger Rosacea:

  • STRESS (It is on top of the list and is one of the main cause)
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Exposure to sun
  • Hot beverages
    Spicy foods such as Cayenne (leads to blood thinning, then dilation of vessels)
    Strenuous exercise

B. Diet and supplement tips:

  • 1. Avoid all processed foods, refined sugars, fried foods, red AND white meat.
  • 2. Eat anti-inflammatory foods: Fatty fish like wild Alaskan salmon, organic leafy greens, tomatoes, beets, turmeric,  ginger, and garlic are some great options. We recommend two daily green smoothies.
  • We also recommend curcumin supplements ( “curcumin” refers to turmeric’s trio of orange “curcuminoid” compounds), and “unrefined” Krill oil supplements.
  • The long-chain omega-3s (EPA and DHA) found in Krill  supports optimal health in key organs such as the skin and the heart.
  • 3. Start experimenting with organic Kobumcha  and fermented foods as a way to include more probiotics in your system. Select Kobumcha with the lowest amount of alcohol and sugar such as Synergy GT’s Green Chia.
  • 4. According to the American Academy of Dermatology supplementing with probiotics as they contain Lactobacilli and/or Bifidobacterium could influence  rosacea by affecting what is known as the “gut-brain-skin axis.”  The way antibiotics work in the treatment of acne and rosacea, probiotics will work to help fight bacteria and bugs from triggering inflammation.
  • 5. Use a synthetic-free sunscreen that will not clog pores.
    6. Use synthetic-free cleansers, moisturizers, cosmetics, and other products that won’t clog pores or otherwise irritate skin. Clay based products that draw all skin impurities are favorites.
  • 7.  Shampoo your hair with a plant derived and organic shampoo to maintain a healthy scalp. We love Shear Miracle Organics, they are as pure as you can get.
  • 8. Avoid hot showers and baths
  • 9. Eat organic chia seeds daily: 2 Tablespoons a day to start and up to 4 day. Add to your favorite fruits, salad or  drink. The high concentration of omega-3 and omega-6 content in chia seeds helps reduce inflammation. (Make sure you soak the seeds in water for 10 minutes and stir to let a gel form. Chia seeds are very dehydrating and must be eaten soaked or with a drink).
  • 10. We also recommend taking two tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass of water before bedtime. It makes an inhospitable environment through a more alkalized ph change for the skin micro flora. If you suffer from acute rosacea take 2 times daily until symptoms disappear.
  • 11. Add organic spirulina powder to your favorite drink or take as a supplement. It is an excellent source of Gamma-linolenic acid, which  is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent.
  • 12. Include citrus foods in your diet and take about 1,000mg buffered vitamin C daily on a full stomach. Vitamin C, in the form of L-ascorbic acid, has potent anti-inflammatory effects on the blood vessels which can reduce redness of the skin.
  • Vitamin C also helps control the release of histamine, a chemical that dilates blood vessels.
  • 13. Start eliminating “white foods” which are full of inflammatory Omega-6s and trigger a rise in blood sugar which translates into inflammation. Quinoa is a great alternative to white pasta and will stop carbohydrate cravings.
  • 14. Manage stress by meditating, sitting under a tree, taking long walks, exercising lightly. Playing golf, bicycling and swimming are the sports of choice.

C. Spot treatments for flare ups:

Aloe vera:

It is well known as remedy for many skin conditions.

Tip: Rub some aloe vera gel on the spots, or if you have an actual aloe vera plant, break off a small piece and apply the liquid inside to the spots. Do so on a regular basis 2 times a day.

Organic apple cider vinegar: (ACV)

It has been known as a potent remedy for so many health conditions, and it helps with rosacea.

Tip: Simply dip a cotton ball or a soft fabric in organic apple cider vinegar and apply to the affected areas. Or make a toner: 1 part ACV to 5 parts filtered water. Spray on face.

Organic green tea:

It is considered an effective remedy for rosacea, both internally and externally.

Tip: Steep organic green tea the way you normally would and cool in the fridge. Then moisten a soft fabric or small towel in the tea and apply to the face for 15 minutes.

D. Synthetic-free Suki skincare rosacea treatment:

We highly recommend Suki skincare as they are leading the way in synthetic-free skin care with potents actives. This is their recommended Rosacea regimen:

  • 1. Purifying cleanser or sensitive cleansing bar ( bar if rosacea is acute). Wash face morning and night for both or alternate for equal conditions.
    2. Transformative purifying masque: Once a day for 20 minutes. (Leave on overnight or spot treat for best results).
    3. Enzyme Peel: Use as a spot treatment and all over the face 2 to 3 times a week. Depending on level of rosacea.
    4. Clarifying toner: Daily am and as often as you can, due to the high content of anti-inflamatory actives, this toner is most like a serum really, in a fine mist, activating the moisturizers but also, acting alone and when used all day, infuses the complexion with the salicins (without the irritation found in synthetic salicins).
    5. Balancing facial oil: Night (on clean skin). THE nighttime treatment for any chronic / cystic condition where balance is needed.  
  • 6Balancing day lotion: Day time (on clean skin).Containing active salicins and retinol to target skin conditions and moisturize.
    7. Acne serum: Day time (on clean skin). Use a couple drops twice daily with or before moisturizing – THE product that kills bacteria, helps the immune system, purifies pores.
  • 8. Brightening serum: Night (on clean skin). Designed to soothe and target specific skin issues related to rosacea without irritation. It is a complexion evening serum not a spot bleacher like most toxic (and banned in many countries bleaching agents), this contains a blend of clinically-proven actives that target redness overall…
  • You can blend all serums and moisturizers together in one step.

Note: The content on our website is for educational purposes only. Please consult your dermatologist.

Apple Cider Vinegar may interfere with some prescribed medicines, please talk to your health practitioner before changing your diet.


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  1. Gabriella Parenzan says:

    Although Rosacea is considered a chronic condition of the skin, it can and will improve and eventually disappear with the proper diet. I used to have it and it is gone for good.
    Chronic simply means of ‘long duration or frequent recurrence’ and Rosacea will return and even worsen for as long as we don’t address the diet.
    As stated in this article the root cause of Rosacea is inflammation. Although in some people the inflammation effects the skin, we must remember that inflammation is a disease of the whole organism. When we correct the diet and detox our digestive system and the body as a whole, healing will take place.

    • Thank you Gabriella for your great comment!We do believe that rosacea will disappear by adopting healthy life style habits and opting for and anti-inflammatory diet.
      Eliminating any kind of meats, refined sugars, processed foods and eating more raw foods and vegetables will go a long way.

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