Best all natural mosquito spray repellent

Best all natural mosquito spray repellent


  1. What a great find these recipes are! Are they suitable for children (5 year old)?

  2. If you use this and spray it around you and the area you are in, how often do you have to respray.? how long does the effect last? I really fear mosquito borne virus’.

  3. the lime and clove for mosquitoes, how often should i change, if it is indoors?thank you

  4. I first want to thank you for this natural repellent. This summer I have had way too many cockroaches in my apartment.I want to get rid of them. Can you recommend some natural repellent please. I will be very grateful.

  5. Hello! thanks for the recipes! I was wondering if mixing all these together would be a good idea? or is there a reason why you choose certain oils for the different mixtures? Thank you!

  6. Thank you for sharing these all natural remedies. I find it so amazing that there are repellent properties in essential oils to fend off mosquitoes. Reducing the things that can attract mosquitoes can help too such as wearing light clothing, avoiding perfumes and scents and burning candles.

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