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Credit: © TKBstudio / Fotolia

5 natural supplements that actually work

There are so many supplements out there that it can get overwhelming. It’s time to break down 5 natural supplements that actually work and are worth taking.

1. Fish oil:

Fish oil is one of the supplements we talk about the most, and for good reason. It is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which are potent healthy fats for heart health. Omega-3s have shown the following health benefits.

• May help prevent heart disease.

• May help lower blood pressure.

• May help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

• Helps prevent rheumatoid arthritis.

• Increases fat burning.

• Helps heal the heart after heart attacks.

2. Probiotics:

They are a buzzword in the health community nowadays. Probiotics help maintain the good bacteria in your gut, where most of your immune system lives. Probiotics have shown the following benefits in medical studies.

• May help prevent and treat colon cancer.

• Has been shown to help fight depression.

• Reduces stress and anxiety levels.

• May help lower blood pressure.

• Helps with weight loss.

3. Vitamin D:

This vitamin is starting to get more attention as benefits continue to pop up in medical studies. The following are some of the latest findings.

• May cut cancer risk by up to 67 percent.

• May help prevent atherosclerosis and diabetes.

• Helps combat daytime fatigue.

• Significantly reduces arterial stiffness.

4. Vitamin C:

One of the most popular vitamins in the world, vitamin C is known as a potent immune booster. The following are some more benefits found in medical studies.

• Targets and kills cancer stem cells, the source of cancer.

• May fight colon cancer.

• Detoxifies and regenerates hormones.

5. Vitamin A:

It is a fat-soluble vitamin and a potent antoxidant. It helps maintain vision, healthy skin, brain function, and more. It also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. The following are some benefits found in clinical studies.

• May help reverse breast cancer.

• May help prevent colon cancer.

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