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Mint and lemon kombucha

Mint and lemon kombucha

Mint and lemon kombucha. Thousands of years ago, the ancient Chinese discovered kombucha, which they named “immortal health elixir” for its many health benefits. Kombucha is a mix of bacteria and yeast. To this day, it is still highly regarded as a potent tea with many healing properties. Kombucha has […]

by August 24, 2019
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Potent apple cider vinegar detox lemonade

This potent apple cider vinegar detox lemonade is packed with healthy ingredients that can help get rid of unwanted stuff in the body and can help with weight loss. There are so many reasons to use apple cider vinegar. It has potent anti-inflammatory properties, boosts the immune system, improves digestion, […]

by August 22, 2019
Apple and cinnamon weight loss water recipe

Apple and cinnamon weight loss water recipe

We are always looking for ways to make our weight loss efforts more efficient. This weight loss recipe will not only help you get hydrated, but it will help you flush out toxins, feel full and lose weight fast. Commercial diets for weight loss do not always work and are sometimes […]

by August 21, 2019
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5 best kombucha products with the least sugar

Kombucha is such a powerful healing drink. We’re giving you the 5 best kombucha products so you can make the right decision. Kombucha tea is an ancient Chinese drink that has been touted for its health benefits, and is gaining popularity lately. It has a rich, earthy flavor, and is stronger […]

by August 20, 2019
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Brain boosting homemade rosemary soda

This brain boosting homemade rosemary soda is a much healthier alternative to sugar packed commercial sodas. Rosemary is an aromatic herb that has been widely used in Mediterranean cuisine. The leaves are used as a flavoring in foods. It has a very pleasant flavorful smell and taste. Legend has it […]

by August 19, 2019
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Gut healing homemade kombucha ginger ale

This gut healing homemade kombucha ginger ale is a great substitute to sugar laden sodas and can help soothe an uneasy stomach. Ginger is a spicy, aromatic herb with many health benefits. It is great for soothing many stomach ailments, aids with digestion, is effective against nausea and vomiting. It also […]

by August 18, 2019
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Potent gut healing probiotic turmeric kefir tea

Kefir is one of the newest health crazes that is sweeping the nation. This potent gut healing probiotic turmeric kefir tea will refresh the all-important intestinal tract. Why is your gut so important? Besides digesting food and making it useable for the body, the gut is also key to keeping […]

by August 17, 2019
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Soothing rose petal meditation tea

This soothing rose petal meditation tea will help you get in the right state of mind and spirit so you can have the best experience possible. The ancient practice of meditation is gaining recognition – not only for its spiritual benefits, but its health benefits as well. Back in May, […]

by August 16, 2019