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Post-Thanksgiving free-range turkey bone broth

(via Dr. Mercola) This post-Thanksgiving free-range turkey bone broth is a great way to use the bones from your leftover turkey so they don’t go to waste. Bone broth has recently become popular again, as it is used by pro athletes to reduce inflammation and speed healing from injuries. Retired […]

by November 28, 2017
6 endangered foods due to climate change

6 endangered foods due to climate change

6 endangered foods due to climate change According to the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization, “75 percent of crop diversity was lost between 1900 and 2000.  A recent study, highlighted in the State of the World’s Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture, predicts that as much as 22 percent […]

by November 27, 2017
Raw and vegan apple pie

Raw and vegan apple pie

There is no debating that apple pie is a favorite in most households,  if not the most popular dessert in the world. But you get more health benefits if is raw and vegan. This vegan apple pie recipe is a healthy alternative to “unhealthy, sugar laden ones”. It is raw, […]

by November 26, 2017
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Beet lemon and ginger post-Thanksgiving detox tonic

This beet lemon and ginger post-Thanksgiving detox tonic is the perfect drink to get rid of toxins from those heavy holiday meals. Thanksgiving is a time for indulging in our favorite traditional foods. While it is an honored tradition for families in the U.S., it is important to get rid of […]

by November 25, 2017
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Three to four cups of coffee per day reduces disease risk

Three to four cups of coffee per day reduces disease risk, according to a new study from University of Southampton in the United Kingdom. Coffee has shown much health benefits lately and is a huge part of the American lifestyle. According to Harvard research, 54 percent of Americans over the age […]

by November 24, 2017
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Healthy Thanksgiving cauliflower mashed potatoes

These healthy Thanksgiving cauliflower mashed potatoes are a great alternative to regular mashed potatoes if you are looking for a low-carb substitute. Cauliflower is a part of the cruciferous vegetable family. Cruciferous vegetables are packed with compounds called glucosinolates, which have potent anti-cancer properties. Let’s take a look at the […]

by November 23, 2017
Cranberry ginger holiday tea

Cranberry ginger holiday tea

This cranberry ginger holiday tea will cleanse the kidneys, detox the body, and provide warmth during the cold winter days. Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients in this holiday tea recipe.  Cranberries: They are well known to cleanse the kidneys. They remove excess water from the organs, and […]

by November 22, 2017
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Healthy rosemary and garlic roasted potatoes

These healthy rosemary and garlic roasted potatoes are the perfect addition to a clean, organic, and delicious Thanksgiving holiday meal. Potatoes are a healthy food that sometimes gets a bad rap. They are often deep fried and combined with trans fats and excess sodium, which can make them detrimental to […]

by November 21, 2017